What is Microsoft Word?

Microsoft Word is a word-processing program sold by Bill Gates’s company, Microsoft.  Word lets you efficiently produce professional-looking documents, such as letters, reports, essays, and newsletters.

Word offers many features that help you edit (change) text in a document.  You can add, delete, and rearrange text.  You can also check your document for spelling and grammar errors and use Word’s build-in thesaurus to find more suitable words.  The spelling and grammar check is particularly useful if you are typing an assignment for your English class.

You can format a document to enhance the appearance of the document.  You can use various fonts, styles, and colors to emphasize important text.  You can also center text on a page, adjust the spacing between lines of text, change the margins and create newspaper columns. Word comes with many types of pictures, or graphics, that you can use to make a document more interesting and entertaining. 

Clip art is a collection of pictures already in the program that you can add to a document, such as a children’s story, to make the document more interesting.  You can also import pictures that you take on your camera.  Imagine, for example, that you are making a poster to advertise your.  Including a picture of your car will make the advertisement more successful.

You can make a paper copy of a document to you create.  Before printing, you can preview how the document will appear on a printed page.  You can also print envelopes and mailing labels.

Word-processing programs, like Microsoft Word, have made many tasks easier.   Students can check their work when they write essays, poems, and reports.  Office workers can make changes and see their work before they print.  People can make professional-looking documents, such as posters, newsletters, and memos, even from home.

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