After School Program

Homework Help, Academic Enrichment, Recreation, Physical Fitness and Life Skills


  • We provide the time, place and assistance to ensure your child completes their homework completely and correctly
  •  Specially Designed Homework Logs & Forms help to track your child’s homework progress

Literacy and Mathematics

  • Readers Theater
  •  Book Club
  •  Creative Writing & Journalism
  •  Math, Science and Technology

After School Science Discovery Program

  • Inquiry-based program encourages children to communicate and think scientifically
  •  Interactive, investigative, hands-on experiments and activities
  •  Thematic units focused on Earth, Life, and Physical Sciences
  •   Interdisciplinary connections with math, reading and the creative arts
  •   Community/home connections

Life Skills

  • Anti-bullying
  • Hands-on experiences to help young people learn about business, economics and free enterprise to improve the quality of their lives

Recreation & Nutritional Programs

  • National research-based inclusive fitness program
  • Proven to help fight and reduce childhood obesity
  • Makes exercise fun

Cultural Arts, Music & Special Events

  • Musicians, Magicians and More
  • Special Talents Programs, Concerts
  • Field Trips On All No School Days

Helping Our Children Become Well-Rounded, Contributing Members of their Communities

  • Community Service Projects
  •  Toys for Tots & NYPD Partnership
  •  Food Drives
  •  Letters to Troops
  • Christmas Gift Giving
  • Outdoor Trips 
  • Library Visits

Second Chance Youth Empowerment Project